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Maine Commercial Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Home Audits

"Our experience at work for you!  Saving you money on energy costs and bringing comfort for years to come!!"

AQM's commercial and residential energy audits in Maine and New Hampshire usually take about 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the home or building. Before AQM starts the actual energy efficiency audit , the energy consultant  will want to gather as much information as he or she can about your home (or business). We truly believe that home energy conservation is different in each case, because every family in every home has unique needs and unique expectations. Our energy conservation audit and energy consulting services are as much about helping you understand how the home is used and lived in as it is about the home itself.

Once our consultants have gathered enough information, we install a blower door into one of your exterior door frames also know as “blower door testing.” This acts like a giant fan in order to amplify your home’s natural air flow. This helps us to detect where the air in your home is "leaky." At the same time, we know that the same places energy escapes your home are entry points for unwanted intruders like dust, allergens, moisture and any other contributors. In other words, if there are air leaks, you're probably suffering from a lot more than just needlessly high energy bills. Most of our energy audits not only improve the energy efficiency of a home, but dramatically increase your family's comfort as well.

Next, our home energy auditors  use the latest in infrared technology to give us (and you) a clear, concise picture of exactly where your home is underperforming. While we can't see through walls with X-ray vision, our infrared technology does allow us to precisely identify energy loss problems in places that are not recognized or visibly failing.

Once the manual inspection of the energy audit has been completed, your consultant will prepare a detailed - but easily understood - energy audit report, complete with infrared pictures. The energy conservation consultant will explain the findings and suggest improvements that will save money and provide comfort for years to come.

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